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Let us introduce ourselves. My 13-year old son Blake and I (Gareth) are relatively new to Warhammer 40K (gaming for about a year now), but we've always been fans of modeling (sci-fi, rocketry, robots, railroading) and RPG/Wargames (AD&D, GURPS, OGRE). Gee, can you tell we're geeks?

A discussion on the Warhammer 40K Mailing List about the profusion of nearly identical army list/painting 101/gallery sites got us thinking about doing a more unique 40K site. Since our favorite parts of the Warhammer hobby are modeling, conversions and terrain building, we decided to create a site dedicate to these aspects.

This site contains listings of some of the best 40K conversions and models we've bumped into in our online travels. Each month we'll choose one of our favorite models and name it "Conversion of the Month." The winner will get a cool prize, such as a model kit, modeling tool or a gift certificate from an online modeling shop.

The site also has a collection of all of the best painting, modeling and terrain building intel we've assembled, kit reviews, thoughts on the hobby and more. Click here to find out more about the way the site is set up.


++++++Conversion of the Month:

Model: Wave Serpent

Site: Roy's Wave Serpent Page

Army: EldarType: VehicleModeler:
Roy Bann
Description: This is the pinnacle of conversion instructions. Roy has created a set of downloadable plans worthy of a professional model kit. With a Falcon, a few bitz, a couple of sheets of plasticard and a LOT of patience, you too can have a professional-looking Wave Serpent model (every proper Eldar army needs one). This website/document was one of the inspirations for 40K Konversions, so it made sense to feature it as our first CotM. Thanks, Roy!
Level of Difficulty:


Overall Rating:




+++ Site of the Month:

Games Workshop Defense! Terrain Workshop
We were never fans of the old Games Workshop website, but the new re-design rocks. One great example of this is the Defense! modeling workshop with fun and easy ideas for building tank traps, minefields, razorwire, etc. And don't forget to check out the Conversion o' the Week too.


+++ 40K Hobby and Modeling News

While some 40K players are whining about the forthcoming Inquisitor game because it's an entirely new scale (54mm instead of 28mm), requiring all new figures and terrain, we're very excited about it. As avid 40K modelers, we're looking forward to working on a larger scale that affords more detail. We've always been tempted by the Forgeworld figure busts, but don't have the big bucks to buy them. Even if we don't end up playing Inquisitor, we'll still likely collect and paint a few of the figures. Here is the Inquisitor Eisenhorn figure. Check out the amazing detail! (Open the image in a new window to see it at full size.)

To see more of the Inquisitor figures and other teaser content, check out the official game website, Exterminatus. The password is: TEAJTM


Da fine print: This website is completely unofficial and is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.
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